Thank you for considering the Lighthouse Society to start on a new path to success. This is a one of a kind organization that can change your life if you get involved and be proactive.

There are two levels of membership at this time and depending on where you are at either one will give you much more benefit than the cost.

Basic Plan
$9.95 per month
Premium Plan
$29.97 per month
Plan DescriptionEntrepreneur who needs help on direction & planEntrepreneur with a plan who needs help executing plan
Posts from experts in different market areas
Webinars from experts in different market areas
Ask experts directly for help and guidance on execution

Basic:  Your first level, the Basic Membership is perfect for the person that wants more out of life but they a really not sure what that something is. Our organization is perfect for you. We have some of the most successful professionals in many different kinds of businesses. We are here to assists you any way we can. We realize our success still leaves use wanting something and that is what brought this about.  We want to give back money to our charities and time to help others coming up in this business world. All of this for about the price of a lunch at McDonald’s.

Premium: The second level, the Premium Membership is designed more for the person that already knows what they want in life and are looking for the answers of how to develop the career and income they desire. The level costs just a little more than the Basic Membership, but it gives you the opportunity to ask questions directly to our team. You will be able to network with other members and get more help developing your business than you ever imagined.  You will become a part of a team that will give you the support that you really need. The only way to succeed is to have a team. No one does it alone.

Professional: We are working on the development of a third level that will be introduced in the future. This level will the Professional level that will have among its benefits the ability to join our team as well as many other advantage.